Adult Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a beneficial treatment option for adults. Physical and emotional stressors can contribute to tension in the muscles and stiff joints. Physical stress can come from an active lifestyle, or an inactive lifestyle.

We don’t usually think of how emotional stress takes a toll on our body, and often it shows up as tension on the jaw, head, neck, shoulders. It can show up as holding our breath, clenching, freezing in a sympathetic state where our cortisol levels are raised, accumulating in our muscles keeping them tense and Dr. Kat can help to bring the body back into a parasympathetic relaxed and optimal functioning state.

Chemical stressors from our environment, foods and drinks can accumulate in your body and create express stress. As well as allergies and sickness alone can cause restrictions in your spine, ribcage and cranium, and slow down your recover. Chiropractic helps to rebound from illness and retain your general health and wellbeing

Dr. Kat uses a variety of gentle chiropractic techniques to achieve improved spinal balance and health. For some people that’s more stability, and others need more mobility. At Kindred Chiropractic our treatments are gentler and easier on the body than more common chiropractic practices. 

These are some of the techniques she uses:

  • Webster
  • Thompson
  • SOT
  • Diversified, instrument assisted adjusting. 
  • Dmitry S.
    Dr. Kat provides excellent care from diagnosis to treatment. Discusses patient activity in depth to find root cause of issues. Treatment is always effective. And she will provide an exercise regimen to reinforce effects of treatment. Excellent bedside manner. Highly recommended.
    Dmitry S.
  • Katherine B.
    Dr. Kat is amazing. Her adjustments are subtle and incredibly effective. There are no jarring twists and pops here. Nor are there any X-rays. She does a thorough assessment, uses massage and body movement to help move the body back into alignment. Her understanding and knowledge of the human body and its alignment is excellent. She has helped me with multiple issues with my neck and lower back and I am deeply grateful.
    Katherine B.
  • Pete F.
    Only the highest praise to offer here. To keep it brief, I’ll just say I’ve been seeking chiropractic care for the better part of 5 years, with 6 or 7 different practitioners, and I feel like I’ve finally reached the top of the game with Dr. Kat.
    Pete F.
  • Samantha W.
    It’s really reassuring to know she is trained in the Webster Technique and that her adjustments are gentle. I would recommend her not just for this kind of care, but for ongoing health and I hope to continue to see her as my body goes through postpartum, bringing my babies too.
    Samantha W.
  • Bergen A.
    Dr. Kat is my favorite chiropractor! Her approach is informative and honest. I like that she walks me through the process of what she is doing. I always leave my appointments feeling like I can move more freely.
    Bergen A.
  • Siri M.
    I find Dr. Kat to be very effective. I have been seeing her on/off for at least 5 years. Her adjustments are gentle and effective. Her soft tissue work is extremely helpful at addressing even further what is happening in the body. I can't recommend her enough. And, as a fellow healthcare practitioner, I regularly refer my patients to her when I recognize that they could benefit from what she offers.
    Siri M.