Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief in Chicago

Neck pain can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even debilitating.

If you’ve just woken up with intense pain in your neck, it might be because you slept awkwardly during the night. Poor posture may also lead to neck pain. People who work jobs that involve strenuous physical activities such as heavy lifting are also susceptible to neck pain.

In many cases, neck pain usually resolves on its own after a few days, especially when it’s simple or mechanical pain. Mechanical neck pain is pain that’s not related to an underlying condition or ailment.

Persistent neck pain should be checked by a professional, such as our chiropractor in Chicago. A chiropractor can help you identify the root cause of your pain, as well as provide an ongoing treatment plan to resolve the issue permanently.

When To See A Chiropractor For Neck Pain

You should never ignore neck pain that persists for an extended period, as this may be indicative of a bigger underlying problem. Neck pain can also make the enjoyment of everyday life impossible. As such, you must book an appointment with Kindred Chiropractic at the first signs of persistent neck pain.

If you’re experiencing neck pain because of a spinal injury, for instance, in the case of an auto accident, you might want to go to the ER instead of a chiropractor. Neck pain accompanied by numbness and nausea should also be checked at an emergency room.

Our chiropractor provides short-term and long-term care to patients, but only after determining there’s no urgent underlying issue that requires the attention of another specialist such as a neurologist.

Chiropractic Treatments for Neck Pain

The first step of any chiropractic treatment is the assessment of the patient, which includes a visual and physical examination as well as an appraisal of their family and personal medical history. Once this step is completed, the chiropractor engages in what’s known as cervical manipulation or chiropractic neck adjustments. This manipulation serves to release the tension and strain built up in the neck, thus allowing the muscles, vertebrae, and nerves to function optimally.

If you’re experiencing referred pain, the chiropractor in Chicago will work to correct the source of the pain through massages, stretching, and spinal manipulation. Our chiropractor may also provide posture correction if this is necessary.

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